Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cell phone has very important sentimental messages I want to keep. How can I copy or download these messages?

Verizon phone broken, time for a new plan. I need a new phone, not sure about wanting to keep Verizon as provider. I have two years worth of messages from my child which I don't want to lose. How can I download them or keep them somehow if I change phones and/or providers?

I had lots of sentimental messages as well on my phone and I simply played them on a speaker phone and recorded them to a tape recorder. Now I have a tape of all the messages I wanted to keep. If you can't play the messages on the cell phone directly if it is broken, are you able to call into your voicemail using another phone with a speaker and play them over the speaker while recording to a tape recorder? That's the easiest way and then you have a tape to keep forever.

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if they are voice messages i would call voice mail then do three way calling to someones or your house phone and let the answering machine record them.

if the are text messages i really don't know how to save those except copy them on paper and have someone artsy do a whole page with pictures and the messages framed nicely.

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